Giving Circles

Giving Circles: At A Glance

Giving Circles engage donors in global philanthropy, connecting people in the U.S. who have a desire to learn and give to exceptional community organizations and leaders in the developing world.

Giving Circle members first determine a region and/or issue area of interest, or FSD can make suggestions based on current community opportunities. Through a series of meetings, members learn about International Development and FSD's unique approach to Grantmaking, as well as hear expert speakers, discuss specialized curriculum, and review a portfolio of projects related to the group’s interest area(s). Ultimately, members are led through a series of consensus-building activities as they review grant proposals from FSD’s international community-based partners and make a collaborative decision about what project(s) to fund. Grants are awarded to the partner organizations and administered by FSD’s US and International staff. Circle members receive ongoing reports on the progress of their funded projects. Click here to download a one page flier on the Giving Circles Model >>

FSD offers three types of Giving Circles

FSD Hosted Giving Circles are open to individuals located in the San Francisco Bay Area. These circles are facilitated by FSD staff and a community host.

Ambassador Giving Circles are for individuals outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. These circles allow community hosts to start and run their own circle with FSD providing remote support through our Giving Circle Toolkit and group conference calls.

Traveling Giving Circles take 8-15 donors to a specific country for a two to three week tour that encompasses visits to FSD Partner Organizations in-need of project funding, education about local issues and grant making, sightseeing, and cultural experiences. At the end of the tour participants decide how they will allocate their pooled funds.