Location: Salta Setting: Rural

Subject Areas
Community Development

Fundación Alfarcito is made up of resident volunteers of the Quebrada del Toro, Salta, San Lorenzo, Rosario de Lerma, and Campo Quijiano with the mission of discovering, evaluating, and sustainably developing the latent capabilities of the people and communities who live in the hills of Roasario de Lerma. Alfarcito collaborates with residents to assess the tools available and actions needed to strengthen education, training, and the entrepreneurial potential of the region.
With respectful attention Alfarcito values the wisdom of the communities, their Andean culture, and their profound connection to their land and considers education and enhancement as the most efficient modes to promote development in individuals and the community.
The Objectives of Alfarcito are:

  • Promote learning in all age groups
  • Reinforce community solidarity and autonomy
  • Boost economic regional development
  • Promote and include the region in other areas
  • Construct infrastructure projects for community development
  • Assist the community in various methods in order to ensure their rights to health, nutrition, housing, hygiene, clothing, recreation, and sports