University Programs - Intern Abroad

FSD Intern Abroad is our longest field program and also our most popular. It demands a strong capacity to work creatively and independently. The program is offered to the general public and is also customized for university partnerships.

Program Snapshot

  • 9 to 52 weeks in the field
  • 40 hour/week schedule
  • Individual placement with a host organization and host family
  • Comprehensive development training prior to community engagement
  • Critical analysis and needs assessment done by student to define work plan
  • Collaborative project development between student, host organization, and FSD site team
  • $200 seed grant per student for project initiation and eligibility for up to $1,000 in additional project funding from our PDCB Fund
  • Pricing is based on our standard Intern Abroad program fees

Intern Abroad students who are effective in the field generally meet the following criteria:

  • A proven ability to work under challenging conditions in a creative and independent manner
  • Social ability to actively engage their host organization and community leaders to collaborate on project work and initiate community buy-in
  • Past experience abroad or work experience with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Ability to cope with the strain of being separated from friends and family and work independently under challenging conditions
  • Deep desire to live and work in a completely foreign climate, culture, and paradigm
  • Openness and curiosity toward undergoing a potentially life changing shift of perspective and the emotional sophistication to handle the process
  • Strong interest to learn local languages to enhance community immersion
  • Inquiry and interest about destination and its cultural background
  • Understanding that their work will not have impact they may have romantically envisioned (this point addresses the fact that many interns want to “change the world” in ten weeks)
  • Ability to sustain a 40 hour work week for the full length of the internship
  • Recognition that cultural competency is essential to creating sustainable development solutions

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Please contact Devin Graves at or (415) 283-4873, ext. 204 if you wish to discuss how your school could work with FSD.